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Fourteenth Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference

9-14 December 2001

Adelaide University, South Australia, 5005, AUSTRALIA

Second announcement and call for papers

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The Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference has grown steadily from its beginning at the University of Western Australia in 1962. The conference series has traditionally covered the broad field of fluid mechanics in all engineering and scientific disciplines. It provides a forum for presentation of papers in all aspects of fundamental and applied fluid mechanics, including:

Aerodynamics Hydrodynamics
Industrial flows Combustion
Aero-acoustics Wind engineering
Oceanography Atmospheric research
Gas dynamics Experimental techniques
Multiphase flows Non-Newtonian flows
Jets and wakes Boundary layers
Hydraulics Pipe flows
Ground water flows Computational fluid mechanics

The 14th conference will take place over six days, starting with a welcome reception on Sunday, 9th December 2001 at 2:00 pm and ending on Friday 14th at 4:00 pm. There will be no sessions on Wednesday afternoon. The conference will consist of five plenary sessions (60 minutes each), ten topical reviews (50 minutes each), oral presentations of papers (25 minutes each), discussions on special topics, and poster presentations. All papers will be selected by the Scientific Committee through a process of peer review. Poster presentations will be accepted on the basis of a one page abstract.


Invited plenary lectures

The following internationally renowned researchers will give plenary lectures at the conference:


Invited topical reviews

The following internationally renowned researchers will give topical reviews at the conference:


Timetable for papers



The selection of presentations at the conference will be made by 14AFMC Scientific Committee based on the process of peer review of each full paper received by the strict deadline of 13 July 2001. A volume of abstracts will be available at the Conference. The full version of the proceedings will also be available at the conference, either as a bound volume or as a CD-ROM. Some conference papers will be chosen for inclusion in a special issue of a leading journal, for which details will appear subsequently, subject to the agreement of the authors.


Submission of abstracts

Abstracts of 100 to 200 words should be sent to the website: http://www.maths.adelaide.edu.au/cgi-bin/fluids.pl

All abstracts received will be acknowledged automatically.



Early registration and accommodation requests are recommended. Registration deadlines for participation and accommodation will be about one month before the start of the conference. The registration fee will be $580 Australian dollars for full fee paying registrants and A$290 for students. These prices include the welcoming and farewell functions, lunch and morning and afternoon tea and coffee.



A wide range of accommodation choices will be available from student quarters through to five star hotels. All will be located within easy walking distance of the campus.


Social functions

The AFMC Conference series has a tradition of informality with maximum opportunity for interaction between delegates. The social functions planned for the 14AFMC are:

These will be priced to encourage the wide participation of delegates. Details of the social program will be published on the conference web page. Accompanying visitors will be offered tours and activities in and around Adelaide.



The conference will be held on the North Terrace Campus of the University of Adelaide. The campus is strategically located in the heart of the city and is adjacent to parklands, CBD shopping and a wide range of accommodation and entertainment venues. Details of these can be found on the conference web page.


Sponsorship and exhibitions

A broad range of technical exhibitions will also be held at the conference. The latest in commercial measuring equipment and techniques, along with commercially available computational fluid dynamics (CFD) systems will be on display. Please contact the organising committee if your company would like to present an exhibit.


Organising committee

Contact details

14th Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference,
Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Adelaide University, SA 5005,

Tel: +61-8-8303 5397;
Fax: +61-8-8303 4367;
E-mail: afmc@mecheng.adelaide.edu.au

1st announcement


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