Fourteenth Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference

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The Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference (AFMC) provides a forum for the presentation of a wide range of papers on all aspects of fundamental and applied fluid mechanics, including aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, computational fluid mechanics, industrial flows, combustion, acoustics, wind engineering, ocean and coastal engineering, experimental techniques and design applications. The conference has keynote speakers, encourages the presentation of current work and welcomes presentations by both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The conference series began at the University of Western Australia in 1962 and has since been held at The University of Auckland (1965), The University of New South Wales (1968), Monash University (1971), Canterbury University (1974), Adelaide University (1977), The University of Queensland (1980), The University of Newcastle (1983), The University of Auckland (1986), The University of Melbourne (1989), The University of Tasmania (1992), The University of Sydney (1995) and Monash University (1998). It now enjoys a prestigious reputation amongst the world-wide Fluid Mechanics research community and it attracts many overseas contributors and participants.


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