Fourteenth Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference

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Instructions for authors

The conference proceedings will be published from ``camera-ready copy'' submitted by the authors. For reasons of uniformity, all papers must adhere to the format defined by

LaTeX users:
the afmc_art.cls class file, and the inst.tex template paper. A figure is included as part of the template. The file inst.tex contains detailed instructions to authors. The style file afmc.bst is available for BibTeX users. To convert the .dvi file to PDF, you can use the shell script dvipdf which requires dvips and a recent version of GNU-Ghostscript. Fuzzy previews of the PDF file can be avoided by using the latest version of afmc_art.cls. You may also download pslatex.sty. If after all that, you cannot make a satisfactory PDF file, you may send us your LaTeX sources (including figures, and preferrably packaged as a "tar" archive) so that we can make the PDF file.

MicroSoft Word users:
the afmc.doc MicroSoft Word template.

The detailed instructions are also available as a web page.

Please report errors in afmc_art.cls, afmc.bst, inst.tex and afmc.doc to, but first make sure you are using the latest version of these files.

Particular attention should be given to the formatting style used in the templates. Papers which do not conform to this style will NOT be published.


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